How does in the news work

In the News gives you real-time alerts when your friends, colleagues, or celebrities you follow are in news

What types of news stories can I follow

You can follow any news stories that are on the web as well as friends and celebrities whom you follow via Twitter, Facebook and Google

Can I share my news stories on my social media accounts?

Yes, you can share news stories via Facebook

What types of people can I get news about

You can get news on celebrities as well as your friends and family members you follow

Can I search for news

You can search for celebrities. Searching for news is not a feature yet however this is a feature that we may introduce in the future.

Can I link more than one social media account

Yes, you can link your Twitter, Facebook and Google account

Can I comment on any news stories

Yes, you can comment on news stories that you share via Facebook

Am I allowed to save articles for offline reading

This is not a feature that is currently supported at the moment however one that we may introduce in the future

Don't miss out when people you care about are in the news